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It's the snowpacalypse! And I have front row seats!¤t=MVI_0718.flv
(sorry, for some reason I can't embed)

That's the view from my window. As you can see (hopefully) it's coming down pretty hard though just now starting to stick. I'm not sure how much we're supposed to get, I've been hearing in the 2-4 foot range. It's supposed to snow all weekend too. Classes were canceled today and pretty much everything is shut down for the weekend. I'll probably take many pictures and videos of it as there will be no reason for me to even leave my room this weekend.
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So I'm back at school, which is ok I guess. The first few days being back after break were tough because I was used to hanging out with awesome people doing whatever I wanted all the time. I also didn't have much work to do so I ended up just spending the time being alone and feeling sorry for myself. Things have gotten better though as now I'm working on some cool projects and remembering that I do, in fact, have friends here.


I am still going home this weekend. Mostly for this thing Kathryn informed me of with all these bands and whatever, but also because I know it's going to be one of the few weekends where I don't have a ton of homework and I want to take advantage of it. I'm a little worried that once I go home I just won't want to come back, but I hope that isn't the case. Plus, it'll only be a weekend, not a whole month.
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Instead of all these posts about how I wish I was home, I'll put one up about how I am home! And I'm glad. Home is nice, I'm a lot more relaxed and having fun on the reg. Eating good food on the reg. Sleeping in on the reg. Basically doing everything I don't get to do at school. I've also been hanging out with Mike and Katy pretty often since they're here a lot. I feel like right now Katy and I are both at good points in our lives, despite the fact that we're both having a little trouble adjusting to the college social scene. Still, she used to be a little crazy and I used to be kind of lame and now we're both at a nice spot in the middle. And she's getting better grades than me! What's up with that?

The Daily Show and my birthday are coming up soon and I'm excited for that. SGC Philadelphia (a printmaking conference thing with panels and demos and stuff) is in March and I'd really like to go. Hopefully I can find someone at MICA to go with.
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I cannot wait for Thanksgiving break.
Since we're kind of nearing the end of the semester all of my (or, most of my) teachers have started assigning big projects for us.
The scariest of which is a 3 ft x 4 ft self-portrait collage for "Elements of Visual Thinking". And the teacher wants us to use magazines. So basically I've already spent a good 3 - 4 hours on this and it's not even halfway done, and we only have a week to do it. But I've realized if I just put on some super hyped-up energetic music really loud and try to zone out then I can work on it without going insane. Thank you, M.I.A., Sasha Fierce, and Le Tigre.

Right now I think I want to be a printmaking major. I'm a little worried I don't have the drawing chops for it, but I really like doing it and every printmaking major I meet is like the coolest person ever. For some reason printmaking has a sense of community that other types of art don't have as much (as far as I've experienced.) Not just the printmaking department here, but printmakers in general.
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And sometimes that's good and sometimes it's not. Today we had (late) midterm critiques in printmaking. We had to write down comments for each person and recommend 3 artists for them to look at. I felt dumb because I could only think of a few for a few people, and when it came my turn to talk I didn't really have any names to drop either.

Some day I'll just go to the library and read and read and read about allllll kiiiinds of artists and then I will be smart like everybody else.

Halloweekend was very fun. Kathryn came down and reminded me of what it was like to have a close friend. There were not 150 Pokemon but there were about 90 and it was still exciting and fun. I was happy to be a part of it.

The World Series has been a good time, even if we have only won 2 games so far. I've been talking to a Yankees fan that I watch them with in the lounge area. Despite being a Yankees fan, he's still a cool guy. He was a senior and a printmaking major for a little while, so it's good to get some info on that. There's also a sophomore Phillies fan who's been there a few times and she's also cool. Last night there was a Red Sox fan who I see in the print studio a lot and a Mets fan there. They all seem like nice people but I think after the World Series ends we won't communicate much. Still, it's making me a little more grateful to be living in an upperclassman dorm. I used to feel kind of isolated but now I realized the sophomores and juniors and seniors aren't as intimidating as I once thought.
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So, people seem to be obsessed with pointing out how great the little things in life are.
Like that blog, 1000 Awesome Thing.
Or that Facebook group about sleeping on the cool side of the pillow (which, by the way, I don't understand. I like my pillows warm.)

But among all this, I've never seen anyone point out something that I always get such joy of and it got me to wondering...

am I the only one who REALLY LIKES being the first person to point out that it's snowing?
Like, especially in classes. I would (and probably will) always stare out the windows on days when I heard it was going to snow. Whenever I saw the first few flakes I might look around the room, grinning excitedly, or just tell someone sitting close to me. Eventually more people would catch on but I still liked knowing I was the first person that noticed.


I'm excited for this. Looks like Lady Gaga meets Beyonce meets... well, the Office. And I feel like Kelly has such potential to be entertaining but is so underused.

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Greetings from the outdoors!

The weather has been nice and warm this week. You know, obviously, since last week it was practically December this week is basically April. However, that also means that since they switched the air conditioners from cooling to heating in the dorms that my room is way to warm and I end up sitting there sweating my balls off. So instead I am exiled to the outdoors where I can use my computer and be a decent temperature. It's actually kind of nice though and I wish I realized how nice it was earlier because I'm sure the weather will get really cold again soon enough. But for now I can enjoy sitting in the bamboo garden area and sipping coffee from my Hello Kitty thermos and typing and reading as the cars whiz by below me. (The bamboo garden is on the third floor but still outdoors.)

Today I wore my Phillies shirt and while I had one person ask me "are you from Philadelphia?" I didn't get to share my excitement about being the National League champions with anybody. I did see a kid in the cafeteria wearing a Phillies shirt and I almost said something to him about it but he was surrounded by people and looked like an upperclassman so I didn't. I know there are a lot of people from the Philadelphia area here, but I guess not many are baseball fans. Well, hopefully during the world series some more fans will show up though if the Yankees get the American League title there will probably be some angry New Yorkers too.

I think my break made my realize how everyone here is not like my friends. Probably some of them are, but I don't know it yet. Even so, today and yesterday I just didn't even bother to try socializing with people. Usually I'll look for someone I know in the cafeteria or try and make plans for after class or the weekend with someone in my class but I just didn't bother recently and have been happy being by myself. I don't really know what to think of this. It might be good, because it's less stressful than trying to make friends, but it might be bad, because I'm not making friends. Not that I don't really have friends, there are a couple people here I'd consider my friends, but I don't really have a group of people I can stick with or someone I can just be a tard with. Meh, I still have coffee and the internet.

Ok, blah blah blah.

Today I was outside with a few people during Drawing and I decided to take a break and look around for four-leaf clovers. Yupari (one of the people I consider a friend) decided to help me. And I found one! Then he found one! Then we found like 4 more! It was weird. I'd never found one before and now they were everywhere.

Halloween is coming up. I'm being a Psyduck. What are you being?
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For some reason, I've been thinking in lists a lot. Maybe it's seeing my to-do list day after day. Anyway.

People that remind me of my dad:
-Anthony Bordain
-My printmaking teacher, Brian Garner
-Abraham Lincoln

Things I miss about home:
-My cat
-My friends
-Having a headboard (my bed here doesn't, it's annoying)
-Having a bedside lamp
-Having a bedside alarm clock
-My bed
-My family (not as much as I thought I would though)
-Good food, whether it be from restaurants or home cooking
-On that topic, cheesesteaks
-Having a microwave

Things people in class need to start bringing and stop borrowing from me because seriously this stuff costs money and we are like surrounded by art supply stores:
-Push pins
-Pencil sharpeners

Things that will either give me awesome biceps or carpal tunnel:
-Carrying my portfolio, art bin, and bookbag around
-Reaching way up high to draw because the easel won't lower
-Cleaning out like everything in the woodshop and ceramics studio
-Turning that big wheel on the printing press
-Punching in the faces of people who only do good work because they don't follow the prompt

Today is was warmer than it has been for a while and for some reason I realized this when I woke up and wore a dress instead of the sweater and jeans I was planning to. Usually I am not this person, usually I am one of the many people carrying a sweater around and sweating.

and ohmygod I wish my stupid ac would shut up
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