Samantha (skippyelephant) wrote,

I should go to bed soon but I want to write something.

I'm at school. It's pretty good, much much better than last year. I no longer feel lonely here, I have some close friends who I am almost always with. My classes are good, though the first week of homework for my Intro to Fiber class was took up so much time and really stressed me out. But it's over now. Two of my studio classes are intros (Fiber and B&W Photo) so I haven't had to put much thought or concept into my work for them yet. I have for printmaking but I have that on Monday so I haven't been able to get crits on the work yet. My philosophy class is ok. The teacher is interesting and funny and kind of strange but sometimes he just goes on tangents which can be amusing or just boring. Last week I enjoyed the class, this week I was about to fall asleep. No homework yet though, so that's a plus.

So other than the fiber project I've been enjoying my time back at MICA a lot. I did a lot last weekend that made me remember how much I like my friends here and how much I like Baltimore. I was talking to Sabrina today about why I liked Baltimore and she didn't really agree. But she is from New York City. I figure New York has enough going for it, Baltimore or even Philadelphia need people more and I'd rather be in a city where I feel like I am needed.

We went to Six Flags on Monday and I went on this:
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