Samantha (skippyelephant) wrote,

Back to school in a week. I'm nervous and excited and sad. Nervous about making/working again, about potentially being lonely again, and just about general college stress again. Excited to get into classes I actually chose, to live away from my family, to become closer to and hopefully make more school friends. Sad to be leaving my friends and family and home here. There are moments when I can't wait to get back and moments where I would do anything to just stay another few days. Still, this summer has been pretty good and this last week I plan to make the best of it. I wish I was more productive this summer, but I made an effort to improve myself intellectually. Not to sound corny. I guess at school I'm forced to stretch myself creatively and do so much critical thinking that I needed that in some form while out of school. I turned to books and blogs. It took the internet to get me interested in reading once again! Mainly, which I found when looking for a new place I could have casual discussion online. Here I am if you want to be friends. I'm hoping my reading will prepare me a little for my liberal arts classes, specifically my gender studies classes. I think I'll feel more comfortable participating in class discussion without worrying about sticking my foot in my mouth (as much).

Tangent post!
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