Samantha (skippyelephant) wrote,


And sometimes that's good and sometimes it's not. Today we had (late) midterm critiques in printmaking. We had to write down comments for each person and recommend 3 artists for them to look at. I felt dumb because I could only think of a few for a few people, and when it came my turn to talk I didn't really have any names to drop either.

Some day I'll just go to the library and read and read and read about allllll kiiiinds of artists and then I will be smart like everybody else.

Halloweekend was very fun. Kathryn came down and reminded me of what it was like to have a close friend. There were not 150 Pokemon but there were about 90 and it was still exciting and fun. I was happy to be a part of it.

The World Series has been a good time, even if we have only won 2 games so far. I've been talking to a Yankees fan that I watch them with in the lounge area. Despite being a Yankees fan, he's still a cool guy. He was a senior and a printmaking major for a little while, so it's good to get some info on that. There's also a sophomore Phillies fan who's been there a few times and she's also cool. Last night there was a Red Sox fan who I see in the print studio a lot and a Mets fan there. They all seem like nice people but I think after the World Series ends we won't communicate much. Still, it's making me a little more grateful to be living in an upperclassman dorm. I used to feel kind of isolated but now I realized the sophomores and juniors and seniors aren't as intimidating as I once thought.
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