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Back at school after fall break. It was strange being home and then coming back. Before break I felt like I so badly needed it. I was exhausted and overworked and falling into a mundane schedule that was making my homework seem like chores rather than something where I could be creative and challenged and make something I like. Break was really nice and I loved seeing everyone and eating everything and while I wish it was longer I still think it was enough to leave me feeling refreshed and ready. I've got a couple assignments now I'm actually excited about. For my printmaking class we're finishing up a small (about 6 images) folio on a theme. Mine is about dinosaurs and their relationship to humans, how humans impose characteristics on them because we don't actually know their characteristics, and how there is still physical evidence of dinosaurs around. It was interesting to explore but too specific so for my next folio I'm picking a different theme. I'm thinking of doing something about animals in cities like rats and alley cats and fenced off dogs etc. I think this could be easier to make multiple prints of and I already have some ideas for what I'd like to do. I'm a little worried about how often I return to animal imagery though. I don't know if I should accept my interest in animals and explore it more or if I should worry about getting repetitive and explore something else.

For my fiber class I have to make an embroidery portrait of someone. My initial idea was Roy Halladay but I'm worried that would be kind of silly and that after baseball season ends I wouldn't be as excited about it. I also kind of want to go some famous historical woman but I don't know who yet. I've definitely decided to do someone famous though rather than someone I know. An embroidery's a lot of work and I'd feel weirder making it more personal than not.

I'm also really enjoying my photo class. I'm kind of surprised at how much. I took the class because it fulfills a requirement and a printmaking teacher recommended the majors take photo, so I wasn't really expecting much more than a fun and somewhat interesting basic class. But every time I take photos I find it super exciting and (usually) when I make prints of them I get really into it. I don't think I could ever be a photo major because I'd miss being able to draw and design and have a little more creative license in my work, but I would like to take more classes and I could definitely see myself using photo techniques in my printmaking.

Anyway. There's my update on school if anyone cares to read it. Mostly I just needed a place to put these thoughts because I feel boring when I actually say them to people. Also Halloween and the Rally for Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive are coming up. I don't know what I'm doing for Halloween but hopefully something fun.
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I should go to bed soon but I want to write something.

I'm at school. It's pretty good, much much better than last year. I no longer feel lonely here, I have some close friends who I am almost always with. My classes are good, though the first week of homework for my Intro to Fiber class was took up so much time and really stressed me out. But it's over now. Two of my studio classes are intros (Fiber and B&W Photo) so I haven't had to put much thought or concept into my work for them yet. I have for printmaking but I have that on Monday so I haven't been able to get crits on the work yet. My philosophy class is ok. The teacher is interesting and funny and kind of strange but sometimes he just goes on tangents which can be amusing or just boring. Last week I enjoyed the class, this week I was about to fall asleep. No homework yet though, so that's a plus.

So other than the fiber project I've been enjoying my time back at MICA a lot. I did a lot last weekend that made me remember how much I like my friends here and how much I like Baltimore. I was talking to Sabrina today about why I liked Baltimore and she didn't really agree. But she is from New York City. I figure New York has enough going for it, Baltimore or even Philadelphia need people more and I'd rather be in a city where I feel like I am needed.

We went to Six Flags on Monday and I went on this:

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Back to school in a week. I'm nervous and excited and sad. Nervous about making/working again, about potentially being lonely again, and just about general college stress again. Excited to get into classes I actually chose, to live away from my family, to become closer to and hopefully make more school friends. Sad to be leaving my friends and family and home here. There are moments when I can't wait to get back and moments where I would do anything to just stay another few days. Still, this summer has been pretty good and this last week I plan to make the best of it. I wish I was more productive this summer, but I made an effort to improve myself intellectually. Not to sound corny. I guess at school I'm forced to stretch myself creatively and do so much critical thinking that I needed that in some form while out of school. I turned to books and blogs. It took the internet to get me interested in reading once again! Mainly, which I found when looking for a new place I could have casual discussion online. Here I am if you want to be friends. I'm hoping my reading will prepare me a little for my liberal arts classes, specifically my gender studies classes. I think I'll feel more comfortable participating in class discussion without worrying about sticking my foot in my mouth (as much).

Tangent post!
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Happy father's day!
I went fishing with my father. It was fun but sorta helped me realize why he doesn't take us more often. I try my best but I can't really hook a worm and I can't get fish off hooks and I'm not so good at casting either. I did catch one little guy though so that was exciting. It was also really got and so we were kinda miserable by the end. Sooo maybe some time when it's not as hot and we don't have to use live bait we can go again and have fun.

I've sort of got plans to clean my room up and make it more people-friendly. I don't mind it all that much as is but I guess I'd like to be able to have friends in there. I'm thinking I'll consolidate my three bookshelves to one and get rid of my desk, then I'll have space to move some storage in and maybe a nice chair or two. It's just kind of difficult since my bed takes up like one fourth of the room.

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I think

I think I think

I have my classes worked out for next semester. I don't get to register until April 28th, but I can pick out my classes and set up my schedule before then so all I have to do is click a button when the time comes.

So here's what it looks like.

Monday 9am-3pm:
Print Survey: Intaglio/Relief
Some required course for sophomore printmaking majors. Probably what it sounds like, a basic survey of intaglio and relief. So I'm excited for that because I like relief and want to work with it more and want to learn more about intaglio and hopefully like it eventually.

Tuesday 9am-3pm:
I don't know much about screenprinting but it seems to be a very marketable and also very colorful printing method. So this should be fun and interesting and hopefully I will like it. This is another course required for printmaking majors to complete sophomore or junior year.

Wednesday 4pm-10pm:
Introduction to Fiber
Yay! This is my only studio elective next semester (and possibly all year). I'm really interested in fiber and I hope I can incorporate it with my printmaking. I hope it'll tie in with the screenprinting class well. It's basically about making and working with textiles, and I think they teach you to knit and weave and some other things. There's only one intro to fiber class open to non-3D majors so I'm really hoping I can get in. After all, someone told me I looked like I should be a fibers major once.

Thursday 9am-11:45am:
Modernism & After
A required art history course for sophomores. I hear it can be kinda dry but it sounds interesting enough to me.
Early History of Western Religions
This is one of the few electives that fulfill a required "Intellectual History I" credit for sophomore year. It wasn't my first choice, but I think it's the only one I was interested in that I could work into my schedule. Even so it sounds interesting and is definitely something I want to learn more about.
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Hmm, I don't know if anyone reads this anymore but I'll post away in it just in case.

So what have I been up to lately? I declared my major recently, but only because I had to and not because some divine knowledge came upon me. I went with printmaking. I do love printmaking, and I know I want to take more classes in it and get to know the department better, I'm just not sure if I'm passionate enough to commit what could be the rest of my career to it! I'm also considering getting a minor in Gender Studies, but I don't want to commit to that either when I still want to have my options open to explore other things I'm interested in and potential majors. I'm sort of expecting everything to fall into place at some point, but I hope it doesn't just end with me passively moving through these four years and still not knowing what I want when I graduate.

These last few months of foundation year all seem kind of pointless in comparison right now. I just want to finish up all these classes I don't really care about and move on to the stuff I know I want to do. I guess they're still teaching me important stuff or whatever but it just seems so tedious.

But anyway, I'm still on spring break for a few days so I don't have to worry about that.